Technical Data

Properties ASTM Test Typical Values
Dart Impact from 26” (66cm) D1709 120
Tensile Strength (break), psi, MD D882 5000
Tensile Strength (break), psi, TD D882 4700
Elongation, %, MD D882 650
Elongation, %, TD D882 650
Secant Modulus, %, MD D882 61,500
Secant Modulus, %, TD D882 66,500
Gloss, 45° D2457 66
Haze D1003 7
MVTR (g/100 sq in/24 hr) E96/66 62
MVTR (CC/100 sq in/24/ hr) E9653T 280

Why Choose PPC Flex for Cleanroom Packaging?

When you need high-quality cleanroom packaging, turn to PPC Flex. Our speed-to-market capabilities and time-tested processes ensure you get the best packaging, exactly when you need it. When you work with us, you get top-quality products made from the best materials, underscored by ISO Class 4 and Class 7 cleanrooms, a Climet system, and a fully equipped laboratory that allows for rigorous quality control and testing of our packaging materials.

Choosing PPC Flex for your cleanroom packaging takes the stress off your plate. Thanks to our rigorous processes, you’ll never have to worry about accidental contamination. All of our orders are manufactured from their own exclusive raw material to ensure the highest standards of traceability and quality. Our raw materials are certified to specific surface cleanliness levels, leachables, extractables, and off-gassing levels. Additionally, our warehouse has a state-of-the-art bar coding system that ensures complete traceability.

Take the First Step Towards Successful Packaging Solutions

Our helpful team will stop at nothing to ensure your success. Even when your production needs ebb and flow, we can adjust our output to match your demand, meaning you have the right amount of packaging, every time. With our convenient closure options along with ISO certification, we can customize your packaging to your exact needs.

Our team is ready to meet with you about your packaging needs. Reach out for more information.