Breather Bag Styles

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Tyvek and High-Density Film

You can choose one side 1059B (or 1073B) Tyvek and one side 0.003” high-density film.

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You can also choose two sidesof Tyvek material created in our ISO Class 4 Cleanroom.

Technical Data: Precision Clean HD

Properties ASTM Test Typical Values
Dart Impact, g D1709 750-1000
Ultimate Tensile Strength, lb/sq in, MD D882 8900
Elongation, %, MD D882 300-500
Haze, % D1003 80
MVTR (g/100 sq in/24 hr) E96/66 0.27

Technical Data: Tyvek 1059 and 1073B

Tyvek 1059B 1073B
Minimum Burst, psi 153 178
Basis Weight, oz/yd2 1.5 2.2
Thickness, mil 6.4 7.3
Gurley Porosity, seconds 22 22
Pore Size, microns 0.22 0.22
MVTR (g/m2/24 hr) 1684 1615

Why Trust PPC Flex for Your Packaging?

When it comes to premium cleanroom packaging solutions, PPC Flex stands out as your dependable choice. Our time-tested procedures and rapid response capabilities ensure you receive the finest packaging precisely when you need it. With us, you gain access to superior products meticulously crafted from top-notch materials, all within ISO Class 4 and Class 7 cleanroom environments. We utilize a Climet system and maintain a fully equipped laboratory dedicated to rigorous quality control and material testing to ensure quality.

Opting for PPC Flex for your cleanroom packaging needs guarantees peace of mind. Our stringent protocols eliminate any worries of inadvertent contamination, as each order is exclusively produced from its designated raw material lot, ensuring the highest levels of traceability and quality. Our raw materials come with certifications for specific cleanliness standards, leachables, extractables, and off-gassing levels. Additionally, our warehouse boasts a cutting-edge barcoding system for comprehensive traceability.

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