Fitment Pouch Styles

Flat Pouch with Side Sea

Flat Pouch with Side Sea

Flat pouches with two or three side seals offer a cost-effective design and efficient use of materials. These pouches provide a basic level of product protection along with adequate space for branding.

Stand-Up K Seal Pouch

Stand-Up K Seal Pouch

Stand-up K seal pouches provide optimal stability, ensuring they’re more visible and accessible to consumers. They also provide ample front and back panels that offer more space for branding and product information.

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Stand-Up Doyen Pouch

Stand-up Doyen pouches are perfect for products that require controlled and precise dispensing. They minimize mess and product waste, which improves the user experience and promotes brand loyalty.

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Stand-Up Spouted Pouch with Side or Top Positions

Like Doyen pouches, spouted pouches are excellent for controlled dispensing of liquids. They combine the benefits of stand-up design with precise dispensing, making them space-efficient and visually appealing.


Flow Wrapping

Flow wrapping is a packaging technique that creates sealed pouches from a continuous roll of film. This cost-effective process allows for consistent, highly efficient production of your fitment pouches.

Pouch Features and Options

Pouch Hang Holes

Hang Holes

Your fitment pouches can be fitted with hang holes, allowing them to be hung from retail racks. This makes them more accessible to shoppers.

Pouch Handles


Fitment pouches with handles are suited for on-the-go consumption, making them great for products like beverages, snacks, or other items.


Label Appliques

Label appliques provide dedicated space for branding elements, product information, and marketing messages. This enhances product visibility and recognition.

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Retort Materials

Retort materials are a type of heat-resistant packaging that can help extend the shelf life of your product and provide other benefits.

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Round and Mitered Corners

Round and mitered corners create a softer, more inviting appearance. Round corners are also less sharp than squared corners, which makes them ideal for products aimed at children.

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Clear Windows

Clear windows help consumers see the product, which can build trust and confidence in your product. It also provides an opportunity to showcase the product’s quality, freshness, and visual appeal.

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Folded or Inserted Gussets

Folded or inserted gussets expand the pouch’s internal volume, allowing it to accommodate a larger quantity of product. They can also create a more appealing look, which enhances the overall presentation.

Stock Fitment Options

10mm with Screw Top Cap

10mm with Screw Top Cap

This HDPE spout with a white tamper-evident cap is our most requested stock fitment option. It’s suitable for fresh or hot filled products in the food, cosmetic, or industrial markets.

8mm Fill Thru Screw Top

8mm Fill Thru Screw Top

These pouches are provided with no cap on the fitment, which enables easy filling through the spout opening. They are made of PE/PP materials.

Fill Thru Capless

Fill Thru Capless

This fitment is designed so the pouch stays closed during and after filling for aseptic production. They are designed to work with filling and dispensing systems.

Custom Fitment Options

Multiple colors, sizes, and materials are available for almost any package design. Insertion tooling charges, minimum fitment order quantities, and longer lead times may apply.


Tamper-evident features help ensure the safety and integrity of your product, promoting consumer trust.

Child Friendly

With their easy-to-use design, fitment pouches are the perfect solution for products marketed toward children.

Wide Mouth

Wide mouth fitments make it easier to access and dispense the product inside the pouch

Push-Up Drink Caps

Push-up drink caps are designed for easy sipping, making them ideal for on-the-go beverages.

Flip Tops

Flip top closures are user-friendly and easy to operate with one hand, making them convenient for consumers

Hanger Caps

A hanger cap allows the pouch to be hung on hooks, pegs, or other display features. This improves product visibility.

Dual Level Openings

For products with multiple ingredients, dual-level openings provide a barrier, ensuring freshness and preventing premature mixing.

Twist and Cork

The twist and cork design provides an effective seal that helps maintain the freshness and quality of the product.

One-Way Valve

One-way valves are used for packaging products that release gasses or air, which preserves products and prevents oxidation.

Needle Spouts

Needle spouts provide precise control over the amount of product dispensed, making them ideal for applications where accuracy is important.

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