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Promote Product Freshness and Consumer Safety with State-of-the-Art Packaging Closures

Looking to promote product freshness and consumer convenience? We offer a range of packaging closures to meet your needs. Learn more about the closures we offer below. Not sure what’s right for you? Reach out to our team for an initial consultation.

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Press-to-Close Zipper

With press-to-close zippers, consumers use their fingers to pull the flanges apart and push the ribs together. These are an economical solution for brands that want to offer cost-effective consumer convenience.

Pocket Zippers

Pocket zippers allow packagers to fill products easily without trapping them in the zipper tracks. These bags are tamper-evident, ensuring consumers of product safety. Once opened, they reveal a standard press-to-close zipper.

Aplix Zipper

An Aplix zipper is a hook-to-hook resealable closure made from food-grade material. It’s crumb- and powder-proof, making it a great choice for all kinds of food products.

Child Resistant Zipper

Need to keep children away from your products? Child-resistant zippers take dexterity and strength to open, which ensures the safety of young children and provides peace of mind to parents.

Biodegradable Zipper

Biodegradable zippers are an eco-friendly packaging solution, crafted from materials that naturally break down over time, reducing their environmental impact.

Adhesive with Release Liner

This option provides a secure and temporary bond between materials while also protecting the adhesive from premature activation. These are perfect for everything from food to cosmetic packaging.

Double Track Zipper

Double track zippers are packaging applications where additional functionality or security is required. They’re often used for resealable packaging for snacks, frozen foods, pet treats, and more.

Liner Tear Zipper

Liner tear zippers incorporate a built-in tear strip or perforation within the zipper structure, allowing consumers to easily open the package by tearing along a predetermined line. They’re great for snacks and dry goods.

Audible Zipper

Audible zippers create a distinct sound, like a “crack” or “pop” when opened, which indicates the seal has been broken. These can be particularly useful for products like snacks, ensuring product freshness and tamper-evident security.

Hook to Hook Closure

Hook-to-hook closures use two hook-shaped components that interlock to securely close and seal the opening. This design allows for a strong and reliable closure, preventing accidental openings.

Press-Lock Closure

Press-lock closures consist of a female section and a male section. To fasten, you press the peg into the socket until it locks in place. These closures are favored for their simplicity and ease of use, making them ideal for applications where quick and convenient access is necessary.

Inno-Lock Closure

Inno-Lock closures consist of interlocking plastic components that securely engage when pressed together. This closure system offers a reliable seal that’s resistant to tampering, making it an excellent choice for applications where freshness and safety are paramount.

Ready to Elevate Your Packaging Game?

With so many closure options available, it can be hard to determine what’s right for you. Our team can guide you through the process, helping you decide what’s most optimal for your operation. With years of experience, durable materials, and a best-in-class team, we’re ready to take on any flexible packaging project. Contact us today for an initial consultation.