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Dazzle your consumers with eye-catching flexible food packaging. We specialize in snack, frozen, better for you, bakery packaging, and more.

Healthcare & Specialty

Healthcare & Specialty

When you need safe, sterile packaging, trust PPC Flex. We can create trustworthy packaging for healthcare, critical environment components, microelectronics, and more.



Pet owners want the best for their furry friends. Put their minds at ease with high-quality, informative packaging for pet food, toys, and more.



Catch consumer attention and protect your nutraceuticals from contamination with custom packaging solutions.

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

Extend the shelf life of your fresh produce with our packaging options. We can help you reach your food safety and sales goals with eye-catching, protective packaging solutions.



Grow your brand with premium floral packaging solutions from PPC Flex. We specialize in sleeves, sheets, pot covers, accessories, and more.


You could better protect the environment and bolster brand loyalty by investing in sustainable packaging options. The first step? Partnering with a reputable flexible packaging company like PPC Flex.


PPC Flex is an advanced flexible packaging manufacturer, focused on providing purposeful, powerful packaging solutions. We understand the impact that the perfect packaging partner can have on the growth of your business. That’s why we develop a deep understanding of your needs to deliver the best packaging, every time. We help you grow by finding the right flexible packaging solutions that preserve products, create incredible shelf presence, and deliver a better product experience.

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We stand out in the world of flexible packaging due to our cutting-edge finishing technology. We harness the power of the latest technological breakthroughs, enabling us to create top-tier products while maintaining highly competitive practices. Thanks to our ongoing commitment to investing in top-notch packaging equipment, our products are exceptionally versatile.


Whether you’re creating new flexible packaging solutions or redesigning an old favorite, PPC Flex can help. Our team works with you to take your idea from initial concept to final shipment. When you choose us, you get access to a helpful group of talented professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and unrivaled features.

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As a leading manufacturer of custom flexible packaging, we proudly serve clients across the globe. No matter the industry, we work hard to understand your business and create the perfect custom flexible packaging for your organization. With our unmatched team, commitment to sustainability, and ability to create sterilizable packaging materials, we’re the best choice for your business.


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