Stand-Up Pouch Styles

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K-seal pouches have a unique shape that provides additional strength and stability. They also stand upright, making them ideal for retail applications.

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Reinforced Bottom Gusset

Reinforced bottom gusset pouches provide extra protection against punctures and tears. They also have improved stability when standing on retail shelves.

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Three-Side Seal (No Gusset)

The three-side seal pouch is a flat option that’s simple and cost-effective. They are suitable for products that don’t require a stand-up feature or gusset for expansion.

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Side Seal (No Gusset)

Similar to three-side seal pouches, these are used for packaging flat or narrow items. They are cost-effective and best for products that don’t require a stand-up feature or gusset for expansion.



Multi-compartment pouches allow for the segregation of different product components within a single pouch, providing convenience for consumers and expanding product offerings.

Stand-Up Pouch Options

Perforation Options

With hot needle and MAP laser microperforation options, you can adequately protect products that need ventilation. We also offer vent holes for further ventilation needs.

Hang Holes and Handles

Simplify merchandising and transportation with a variety of hang hole and handle options. These allow for maximum visibility in retail store applications and great consumer convenience.

Tear Notches

Tear-away notches provide convenient tamper-proof access for your consumers. Whether you’re packaging food, pet products, or another option, tear notches are a simple and effective addition.

Alternative Bottom Seals

Choosing an alternative bottom seal can offer enhanced strength, durability, and stability for your products.


Incorporating zippers into your pouches offers maximum convenience for your consumers, which can bolster brand loyalty.

Wide Variety of Materials

With a range of materials available, we can match you with the perfect option. We also offer anti-fog films for fresh produce.

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