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Precision Clean Breather Bags® are designed for sterilization of products used in cleanroom environments. Precision Clean Breather Bags have excellent porosity for enhanced cycle times and are manufactured with the strongest Tyvek®-bonded seals available. Precision Clean Breather Bags are manufactured from ultra-pure and clean resins with one side of 1059B (or 1073B) Tyvek and one side of .003″ Precision Clean® High Density film, or two sides of Tyvek material in our ISO Class 4 CleanRoom.

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To ensure the highest standards of traceability and quality, each order is manufactured from its own exclusive base of raw material, which is tested regularly for leachables, extractables, and off-gassing characteristics. Each manufacturing job is tested for particle content and certified with a letter of conformance.


PCBB is available printed, unprinted, and is suitable for gamma, steam, or ethylene oxide sterilization.


PropertiesASTM TestTypical Values
Dart Impact, g D1709750-1000
Ultimate Tensile Strength, lb/sq in, MD D8828900
Elongation, %, MD D882300-500
Haze, % D100380
MVTR (g/100 sq in/24 hr) E96/66 .27
Minimum Burst, psi153178
Basis Weight, oz/yd2 1.52.2
Thickness, mil6.47.3
Gurley Porosity, seconds 2222
Pore Size, microns0.220.22
MVTR (g/m2/24 hr) 16841615


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