Available Header Pouch Styles

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Printed bags provide a canvas for branding elements, product information, and promotional messages.

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Clear bags provide the most visibility for consumers. These are great for products with unique characteristics you want to showcase.


Lip n’ Tape Seal

This seal provides a secure closure. It’s a user-friendly sealing method that involves tucking or folding the lip to activate an adhesive.

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Bottom Sealed

Bottom-sealed bags are a great way to offer secure and tamper-evident packaging. Bottom seals also add structural integrity.

Header Pouch Options

Window Formats

Window formats allow for visual inspection, easy product identification, sterility confirmation, and compliance with regulatory standards without the need to open the pouch. We offer Tyvek or Coex window formats in both peel and non-peel varieties.

Hang Holes

Hang holes are the ultimate way to provide better organization within your clean room application. These make it easy to hang your products on hooks or pegs, increasing visibility in a myriad of applications.

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When you work with PPC Flex, you get access to unmatched industry expertise and a helpful team. We stand firmly by your side on your packaging journey, forging an enduring partnership rooted in a profound understanding of your business. Even when your packaging needs fluctuate, we’ll be there to fine-tune production to meet your demands. Partnering with us means you have the freedom to stop stressing about your packaging and focus on what truly matters.

Our unmatched blend of premium products, a friendly and expert team, and leading-edge manufacturing processes distinguish us from our competitors. When you work with us, you get top-notch packaging materials fortified by industry accolades — including prestigious G7 Master Grayscale and GMI accreditations. We also offer sustainable options that resonate with eco-conscious consumers. Opt for PPC Flex and unlock a realm of packaging excellence, unwavering support, and a trusted alliance for years to come.

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