Wicketed Bag Styles

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Standard Gusset

Standard gusset bags can expand to accommodate bulkier or irregularly shaped items, making them suitable for products with varying sizes and dimensions.


Standard Zipper

Standard zipper bags offer the convenience of resealability, allowing consumers to open and close the bag multiple times while maintaining product freshness.

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Round-bottom bags are designed with a circular, flat base that provides stability and prevents the bag from tipping over when filled.

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Square-bottom bags are designed with a square or rectangular flat base, optimizing space utilization on retail shelves and displays.

Wicketed Bag Options

Hermetic Seals

Hermetic seals create an airtight and moisture-proof barrier, which preserves the freshness and quality of perishable products.

Perforated Wicket Lip

Adding a perforated wicket lip allows users to conveniently and quickly separate bags from the wicket.

String Zipper

String zippers allow the consumer to reseal the bag after opening, which helps maintain product freshness and offers maximum convenience.

MAP Laser or Hot Needle Microperforation

Microperforations can help control the atmosphere inside the bag, which extends the shelf life of products by regulating gas exchange and humidity.

Vent Holes

Vent holes also allow for the release of gasses, which prevents the bag from bursting due to pressure buildup.

Hang Holes

Hang holes make it easy to hang your products on display hooks or pegs, increasing product visibility on store shelves.

Bottom Gussets

In addition to standard side gussets, you can also add bottom gussets. These provide stability and allow bags to stand upright on retail shelves.

Multiple Film Options

With multiple durable film options available, you can tailor your packaging to suit the specific requirements of your product. We offer CPP and LLDPE materials for wicketed bags.

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