Available Nylon Pouch Styles


Flat Bags

With a range of sizes available, we can create flat nylon pouches to fit your exact needs.

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Centerfold Film

Centerfold film comes doubled over, creating one sealed side and one open side. It’s perfect for businesses that need to create custom bag sizes.

Variations for Flat Bags

Gauge (min/max) 0.009’ / 0.005’
Width (min/max) 4’/36’
Length (min/max) 4”/45”

Technical Data

Properties ASTM Test Typical Values
Mullen Burst Strength D774 Does not burst at 10-18psi
Elmendorf Tear Strength: g/mil, MD D1992 20-50
Elmendorf Tear Strength: g/mil, TD D1922 20-50
Tensile Strength at Yield: psi, MD D882 10,000-16,000
Tensile Strength at Yield: psi, TD D882 10,000-16,000
Abrasion Resistance (wt. loss/1,000 cycles) D1044 3-4 mg
Elongation: %, MD D882 375-500
Elongation: %, TD D882 375-500
Coefficient of Friction (film to film) D1894 0.50-0.80
OTR (NPT: cc/100m/24 hr/mil/atm at 75°F) E9653T 1.0
Carbon Dioxide (NPT: cc/100m/24 hr/mil/atm at 75°F) E9653T 2.0
MVTR (g/100 sq in/24 hr) D1249 19-20

Experience Proven Quality Control Processes and Complete Customization

Choosing PPC Flex as your cleanroom packaging provider guarantees absolute peace of mind. Our steadfast protocols eliminate any concerns about unintended contamination. Each order is exclusively produced from its designated raw material lot, ensuring unparalleled traceability and quality. Our raw materials are certified to meet rigorous cleanliness standards, including criteria for leachables, extractables, and off-gassing levels. Additionally, our warehouse features a state-of-the-art barcoding system for comprehensive traceability.

When it comes to high-quality nylon vacuum pouches, you can rely on PPC Flex. Our extensive experience, combined with our swift response times and efficient speed-to-market capabilities, ensures the delivery of premium packaging exactly when you need it. When you work with us, you get access to exceptional products meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, all maintained within ISO Class 4 and Class 7 cleanroom environments. We employ a Climet system and operate a fully equipped laboratory to maintain strict quality control and conduct thorough material testing.

Make an Impact with Custom Packaging

You need a packaging partner that’s focused on helping you succeed. At PPC Flex, we can help you reach all of your packaging goals. Even if your production needs fluctuate, we have the capability to adjust our output to meet your demands, ensuring the ideal packaging volume every time. We offer tailored customization that aligns precisely with your unique needs. All of this is supported by our ISO certifications. When you seek reliable, top-of-the-line cleanroom packaging solutions, PPC Flex remains your steadfast partner in excellence.

Our packaging solutions ensure your products are safe and reliable. Reach out to our team for an initial consultation.