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After over 25 years of being asked to come up with a certified clean zip closure cleanroom pouch, we are proud to introduce our newest product: our Precision Zip Clean Pouches®.

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These zip clean pouches attend to an age-old problem concerning lab application, multi-entry use applications, and the needed convenience for your customer’s handling of your bulk products under cleanroom conditions.


Precision Zip Clean Pouches are available in a variety of stock sizes, double bagged, sealed, and then placed in double-lined cartons of 100-packs. Custom sizes are available for custom runs. Custom pouches can be printed on in up to ten colors and are suitable for gamma sterilization.


Please call or e-mail for a sample. All the sample packs are packaged for the strictest cleanroom evaluation.


Made from a 2.5 mil barrier film manufactured and packaged in the cleanroom.


STCK0049-00191085P4 X 60.00252000
STCK0050-00191086P6 X 80.00252000
STCK0071-00191087P8 X 100.00252000
STCK0051-00191088P10 X 120.00251000
STCK0072-00191089P12 X 150.00251000
STCK0052-00191090P18 X 240.00251000
PropertiesASTM TestTypical Values
Tensile Strength (break), psi, (MD)D-882623
Tensile Strength (break), psi, (TD) D-882707
Elongation, %, (MD) D-88257,648
Elongation, %, (TD) D-88258,851
Elmendorf Tear, g, (MD) D-1922123
Elmendorf Tear, g, (TD) D-1922125
Gloss 45ºD245766.4
MVTR (g/100 sq in/day) 37.8º C/ 90% RH)E96/66.16
OTR (cc/100 sq in/day) 23º C/ 0% RH)E9653T1.38


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