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Precision Clean Products


All of PPC Flexible Packaging’s Precision Clean® Division clean room products are produced in our state-of-the-art ISO Class 4 and ISO Class 7 Clean Room. Our clean room packaging company is supported by a comprehensive ISO certified quality system, a continuous environmental monitoring Climet system, and a fully equipped laboratory. Each order is manufactured from its own exclusive raw material lot to ensure the highest standards of traceability and quality. Our raw materials are certified to specific surface cleanliness levels, leachables and extractables, and offgassing levels. Our warehouse has clearly designated raw material, finished goods, and quarantine areas, and a state of the art bar coding system that ensures complete traceability. Our facility has been inspected by the EPA and is current to all required environmental standards.

PC 2000

NASA certified film type PC2000™ bags are manufactured from ultra pure and clean resins, and have excellent clarity.


PCII® is our most popular film, preferred by 80% of our clean environment customers.


Specifically designed for less critical clean room fill operations that need films with Surface Cleanliness Level 200 or higher.

PC Stat

Available printed or unprinted, these are suitable for sterilization by gamma radiation or ethylene oxide.

PC Tear

Specially designed to smoothly tear open, allowing quick, easy and sanitary access to packaged cleanroom gloves and supplies, medical devices, garments, gowns, etc.


Our cleanest, most durable bags made from a high-strength base resins form a super smooth film surface that is ideal for packaging items that are sensitive to scuffing.

PC Nylon

With durable puncture resistance, a first-class oxygen barrier, and excellent clarity; able to hold a vacuum for extended periods.

PC Center Fold

Ideal for temporary clean room partitions as well as wrapping, isolating and ship-wrapping large, sensitive equipment; made from our PCII resin base.

PC Breather Bags

Designed for sterilization of products used in cleanroom environments and manufactured with the strongest Tyvek-bonded seals available.

PC Barrier Pouches

Made with a lamination specially designed to protect products from UV, moisture or oxygen penetration, or to maintain moisture levels within the packaged product.

Precision Clean Automatic Clean Room Bags®

Our full line of clean room and industrial automatic bags are ideal for automated fill operations. The bags can be printed on in up to ten colors in flexographic process.

Precision Zip Clean Pouches

Manufactured for lab application, multi-entry use applications, and customer convenience of handling bulk products under clean room conditions.

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We also offer a variety of in-stock products made available for quick delivery.