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What is Sachet Packaging?


These Tiny Pouches Offer Big Opportunity

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve likely interacted with sachet packaging dozens or hundreds of times over the course of your life. If the exact term is unfamiliar, then think about sachet packaging like this: it’s the packaging method used for those ketchup and sauce packets that populate fast-food restaurant counters around the world. They’re also commonly used for instant coffee, powdered drinks, and even some cosmetic products.


But don’t assume that is all these small packages can do. Today, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about sachets and how they give you versatility in delivery — no matter the product.


Understanding Sachet Packaging

This type of packaging is defined by several characteristics; First, the size of sachet packaging is small and designed to hold a measured amount, or single serving, of a liquid, powder, paste, or similar substance. Second, the sachet — the pocket or pouch — is sealed along every edge with one edge perforated or designed with an easy-open mechanism. Third, sachets are constructed with flexible materials to enhance their ability to be carried on the person, such as in a pocket, purse, and handbag, or displayed on retail or diner countertops.


Given these constraints, it’s not surprising the types of materials used in this packaging format. Plastic is a popular choice, but paper and even aluminum (or foil) are sometimes used. These materials are easily manipulated, making them good choices for packaging that needs to dispense product and be easy to open. 


Types of Products Suitable for Sachet Packaging

While the examples we offered earlier are accurate, they do offer a limited look at all the types of markets sachet can serve. This type of packaging has many uses, across many industries. 


Food & Beverage — Every possible condiment can be presented through sachet packaging, and this includes powder or granular substances as well, like salt & pepper, sugar, creamers, and more. Virtually any food or beverage product can be offered in a single-use method of delivery.


Pharmaceutical & Healthcare — When there’s no time to deliberately measure a vitamin or nutritional supplement dose, a pre-measured sachet pack is an ideal answer. Single-dose medicine in sachets also makes taking medications with you easy and convenient. 


Personal Care & Cosmetic — Sachets are perfectly suited for an incredible array of personal products, from wet wipes and other personal care items. If you have luxury cosmetics, sachet packaging allows you to provide single-use samples for trial or at a reduced price point to entice customers to try it out. 


Industrial & Household — Small replacement parts and commonly used items can be packaged in sachets to make finding and using them simple and quick. From washers, nuts, and bolts to liquid soap, laundry detergent, and cleaners, small packets offer ease of use. 


Benefits of Sachet Packaging

Often not given as much thought as other packaging methods, sachets do offer manufacturers substantial advantages. While this packaging is suitable for every type of product, it does exceptionally well when matched with products that play off its strengths. Customers will appreciate the convenience and portability of sachets, while manufacturers can enjoy these benefits.


Product Freshness

Because products are sealed in an airtight pouch, the freshness of the product is preserved until it’s ready to be used. This can also extend the shelf life of some products that may lose their freshness when packaged in a larger container — think of a large opened bag of sugar versus individual packets. 



Sachet packaging, by design, is small and minimalist. This means less material is used to create the packaging and thus less upfront cost.


Reduced Packaging Waste

Since sachets contain single servings, there’s less risk of product waste, which is especially important for expensive or perishable items.


Need Help with Your Sachet Packaging?

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