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For many consumers, fur babies are not just pets but family members. Pet owners have elevated them to social media influencers, adorned them with fancy collars (and clothing), and bought them the latest gadgets. Gone are the days of the dog being in the doghouse – unless it is climate controlled and has a comfy mattress. It should come as no surprise that most pet owners care about the food they feed their pets, and they care about pet food and treat packaging.

Americans love their pets, whether it has fur, fins, or wings. Pet ownership has increased significantly, with 66% of U.S. households owning a pet, and so has spending on the pet. A Forbes survey of dog owners found that dog owners are willing to make sacrifices for them, including financial sacrifices. This shows in the upward trend of spending on pets. Americans spent $136.8 billion in 2022 (up more than 10% from 2021), and $58.1 billion was on pet food and treats.

Owners take their pets’ health seriously, which often means investing more in their pets’ food and treats to ensure they eat a high-quality, healthy diet. Pet owners are reading the packaging labels and paying attention to ingredients. When surveyed, 94% of American pet owners revealed that pet nutrition was just as important as the families, and 43% admitted their pet’s food is healthier.

While the food and treats are essential, the packaging is also critical for keeping food fresh. Flexible packaging and pouches are an ideal solution. This type of pet food and treat packaging offers many benefits.

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Enhanced Protection

Wet food, dry food, and treats can all benefit from flexible pouches. Made from high-quality multi-layered materials, flexible packaging and pouches are available with high barrier structures protecting from moisture, oxygen, and UV light that can accelerate spoiling. The robust material can withstand handling and isn’t easily punctured or torn. These qualities improve performance, extend shelf life, and protect the pet food and treats. Resealable options allow the product to remain fresh even after it is opened – a feature pet owners love. Pet owners can ensure their furry friends get the freshest food possible.

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Superior Graphics and Branding Opportunities

The packaging is usually the first encounter consumers will have with your brand, and you have seconds to get their attention on the crowded pet food shelf. Flexible packaging and pouches offer exceptional branding possibilities. From tailoring the packaging to a unique size or design to incorporating bold, vibrant graphics, pet food brands have plenty of opportunities to get their packaging noticed and have product leap from the shelves.

Not all printing is equal. For brand color consistency, work with a partner offering superior printing capabilities, such as sharp highlights, true solids, deep color saturation, and high resolution. 
Poor or inconsistent printing can hurt your brand and is just as  important as the packaging itself.

Showcase Your Green Side

Environmental concerns impact everyone, and pet owners are willing to back their beliefs with dollars. One survey revealed 75% of consumers feel more favorably toward brands that made their packaging more sustainable.

While plastic packaging has gotten a bad rap, in many cases, it is a more environmentally friendly option. The Flexible Packaging Association performed a life cycle assessment and found flexible packaging has preferable environmental attributes for carbon impact, fossil fuel usage,
water usage, product-to-package ratio, and material to landfill. In addition, flexible packaging reduces pet food waste if, when developing flexible packaging solutions, a systems approach is taken that looks at the product and packaging together.

Eco-friendly pouches, such as Bio-Pouch and Earth-Pack, allow you to further reduce the environmental impact of your packaging choices. Bio-Pouch is a plant-based, compostable (ASTN D6400) pouch that is food safe. Earth-Pack is a puncture-resistant, fully recyclable pouch.
Consumer demand for environmental accountability isn’t likely to diminish, and these products provide an opportunity for brands to deliver.

Have Questions About Pet food and Treat Packaging

Flexible packaging has become the go-to packaging for pet food and treats because it keeps food fresher, takes up less space, and offers excellent printability. At PPC, we can help you make an impression. We offer an extensive stock line, numerous production styles, and custom capabilities to help create the ideal package for each unique application. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming, so our experts are reading to listen to your needs, help solve any challenges, and walk you through the process. Contact us to get started.

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