Our Lot Traceability Policy

Lot Traceability


  • As a custom products converter, the specified film and quantity is ordered specifically for each printed, laminated or otherwise, converted job.
  • No raw materials nor finished goods are generally stored or warehoused without specific request and agreement from the customer to do so.
  • Customer Service creates the Job Jacket face page which carries all of the customer / manufacturing specifications, machine process criteria and Special Instructions necessary to produce the job. Of course, it contains customer name; PO; Shop Order; Work Order numbers material identification and PO; description; customer and supplier part numbers.
  • An Inspection Receiving Report is created in the Receiving Department that is compared to the Purchase Order for accuracy by Receiving. Approval labels are applied, signed and dated for every pallet certifying that the incoming materials are in good condition and match requirement of the raw material purchase order.
  • The incoming raw materials are then bar coded in Receiving with an Axapta ERP generated number assigned to the pallet and each roll on the pallet is assigned individual bar code Serial numbers for full traceability from the dock through production of finished goods.
  • The incoming material bar codes are scanned into Axapta Material Inventory and all are exclusive to the one customer order being produced. Each pallet and individual roll now has affixed a traceable ID number to the supplier and customer order.
  • After approval of the incoming raw material order, the completed Receiving Inspection Report is passed on to Manufacturing for scheduling and creation of an individual Job Jacket for that Lot or order.
  • Manufacturing schedules the job and calls out the raw material order via the Receiving Report.
  • Each pallet and each roll mounted for processing are now scanned into the Shop Floor portion of the Axapta inventory tracking system via the serial labels applied in Receiving, with full description; roll weight ‘IN’ tied to the customer PO and shop order information on the job jacket.
  • As the rolls are processed at each stage, the individually assigned material bar code numbers are rescanned into the computer with weight ‘OUT’ or post-production; with description; customer PO and all pertinent information following the process. The physical bar code information is affixed to the same roll or converted product as it completes the manufacturing process. At this point it may be finished or moved for further processing. Core labels are typically applied to outgoing roll goods, unless specified otherwise by the customer.
  • The process of bar code tracking continues with multiple processes in the same way, until complete. The order may be printed; printed and laminated; slit; and / or printed / laminated, slit and converted to bags or pouches.
  • Meanwhile the QC data sheets are tracking and recording by customer and PO, each roll mounted in the bag converting process; the box numbers produced; the line number; operator; the packer; QC person on the line at the time and date of production and quality checks per hour.
  • Sequential Box numbers are hand applied to each box, with packer initials; and number per box.
  • The bar code trace continues through to each finished pallet; and individual bar code for the box of finished product produced. Each is “scanned out” in Shop Floor and each pallet bar code and box is scanned out as shipped and removed from inventory.
  • Box Labels contain our name; customer name and address; the box serial number and matching bar code; date; Lot number; SO; Pallet Serial number and matching bar code; part number; size; description; customer PO; and box weight. As stated, boxes are also sequentially numbered 1 to jobs end by hand and contain initials of final inspector / packers for each.
  • Labeled retains are held from segments throughout the run; labeled with the box number they represent and are kept for a year in the event post manufacturing sampling is required.


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