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PPC Flexible Packaging ™ can supply you with a wide variety of shrink films for case bundling, bottling, canning, contract packaging, and over-wrap. We are able to provide superb process printing capabilities for many types of shrink film, including the three most commonly requested types.

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Bundling Film:
Bundling film is a commonly used term to describe polyethylene based shrink film, available in a wide variety of caste formats: ranging from tough, resilient overwrap films to films with a high-end, durable clarity. To meet specialized needs, bundling film can be produced to affect dimensional shrink and sealing characteristics. Polyethylene bundling film is available in co-extrusion, monolayer, and blended co-polymer formats.

Polyolefin is an industry term used to describe polypropylene based shrink films that are blended or co-extruded with polyethylene. Polyolefins are available in a wide variety of formats and used in more upscale wraps that need higher gloss and clarity than bundling film. Polyolefin is available at different price points, with varying clarity, seal strength, fill speed, and dimensional shrink.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC):
PVC is a superb shrink film with high gloss and clarity. Although more expensive than polyolefin or bundling film, its rich look and feel adds to perceived value in the retail chain. Different types of PVC are available, depending upon your need for seal strength, fill speed and dimensional shrink.

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