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PPC Flexible Packaging

Fisher Container has taken the opportunity to utilize our 45 years of experience to create a line of barrier packaging that caters to the organic medicine industry. Each individual product needs a package that will allow it the greatest amount of shelf life, and our barrier pouches are top-of-the-line.

Don’t be fooled by companies claiming to have knowledge in packaging when “Smell-Proof” is advertised; the correct terminology would be “barrier” packaging. The cause for the “Smell” that can permeate through the pouch is a very low oxygen or moisture vapor transmission barrier. The values to examine are calculated with Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates and Oxygen Transmission Rates so that you can see, in a given time, exactly how much of each can permeate in or out of the pouch when it is hermetically sealed (sealed airtight).

With Fisher Container’s expertise, we can help you find the exact Barrier properties that your product needs to allow it the greatest length of shelf life. All of our barrier pouches can also be vacuum sealed and nitrogen flushed to prevent oxidation.

Here is a list of the characteristics that Fisher Container tests to maintain excellent quality:

  • Dart Impact
  • Elmendorf Tear Strength
  • Tensile Strength at Yield
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength
  • Elongation at Break
  • Gloss
  • Haze
  • Coefficient of Friction
  • Melt Index
  • MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission)
  • OTR (Oxygen Transmission)
Foil Barrier Pouches

Foil Barrier Pouches

These represent very high-barrier packaging. With the lowest transmission rate in moisture and oxygen, it will allow your product to retain its initial taste and smell characteristics, and provide for great shelf life.

MVTR0.00395g / 100 sq in / 24 hr
OTR0.003998cc / 100 sq in / 24 hr
Opaque White or Black Barrier Pouches

Black Barrier Pouches

Manufactured with a structure that is more affordable than foil while still maintaining a fantastic barrier. When sealed, these pouches provide an excellent moisture/ oxygen barrier that is slightly less than that of foil. They are less costly, and a great alternative to the foil pouch.

MVTR0.321g / 100 sq in / 24 hr
OTR0.399cc / 100 sq in / 24 hr
Clear Barrier Pouches

Clear Barrier Pouches

These pouches have been designed with a special barrier coating so that you may see the product while retaining an excellent barrier. This liquid coating allows product visibility while maintaining a moisture and oxygen barrier.

MVTR0.321g / 100 sq in / 24 hr
OTR0.399cc / 100 sq in / 24 hr
Gold Barrier Pouches

Gold Barrier Pouches

Fisher Container’s Gold Pouches are designed with the “Gold Rush” in mind. We want your product to stand out as a professional item with efficient materials, and also with great style.

Prove your product’s worth by packaging your Nuggets in Gold!

MVTR0.0833g / 100 sq in / 24 hr
OTR0.07996cc / 100 sq in / 24 hr
Suggested Stock Sizes
CapacityDimensions (W x L + BG)
1/8oz4" x 5" + 1.5"
1/4oz4" x 6.5" + 2"
1/2oz5" x 8" + 2.5"
1oz6" x 9" + 2.5"
1/4lb10" x 13" + 5"
1lb11.5" x 14" + 6"
CapacityDimensions (W x L + BG)
Pre-Rolled6" x 3"
1g3" x 4.5"
1/2oz6" x 7"
1oz8.5" x 10"
1lb12" x 16"

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