Contact Name: Joe Bradford
Phone: 801.465.1300 Ext 311

PPC Flexible Packaging, LLC. a leading producer of flexible film packaging, is proud to announce an innovative new smart label steamable technology called

Both consumers and manufacturers will appreciate the benefits that include:

  • Provides a leak-free seal during storage – unlike other microwave technologies.
  • Delivers an efficient and cost effective way to microwave without piercing or cutting the bag before heating.
  • Is temperature activated to relieve internal bag pressure.
  • Allows steam to build up inside the bag without concerns that seals will burst.
  • Is produced with materials that readily accept printing inks.
  • Can be micro-perforated to a specific O2 flux to function for both modified atmosphere control and as a microwave vent.
  • Is available for pouches, rear weld bags, flat bags, and roll stock.


–Vent Patent Pending, MarstonMAP, LLC