PPC is still operational during this time, why is that?

– PPC has been designated as an essential critical infrastructure company and workforce by the department of homeland security. We are a critical part of stocking store shelves and keeping healthcare workers provided with the supplies they need. We’re fulfilling an important role for each of our customers, and their customers – each of our families shopping in the stores or going to medical clinics. Without packaging our customers can’t get their supplies out, that’s why our products are so important.

How do you feel things are going so far?

– Our plants are running really strong. We’re feeling the impact of heavy order rate right now. So we’re busy and we’re thankful right now for the work. I’m convinced that we will get through this pandemic and we’ll be a much stronger company on the other side. Each of the businesses has come through and said we’ve learned we can do these things differently or more effectively, and we can be more efficient in the way that we work. We will be a better PPC Post Pandemic.

What is being done to protect employees?

– Safety has always been our first key principle at PPC, even before the Coronavirus started. We have many employees working from home to keep them safe. We do have our operations teams and our plant teammates who are making the additional sacrifice of coming into work everyday. We are stressing that each employee needs to wear essential PPE, wash their hands often, practicing social distancing on each of the lines to the best of their ability, and stay home if they experience any symptoms at all.

What happens if someone at the facility tests positive for COVID-19?

– We’ve got a detailed plan in place for each of the plants. If someone tests positive, we will immediately quarantine the area where that team member worked or occupied. Everyone in the effected area will be sent home immediately with pay. At each of the seven plants we have a Coronavirus certified deep cleaning company ready to come in immediately on demand. They’ve got the latest technology to disinfect, sterilize, and deep clean each facility in its entirety if it needs to happen. Then we’ll start up as soon as is practical and bring everyone back to work once we know it is all safe. So no one will come back to the plant until we get the all clear. Every day we are learning more and more about best practices to create new ways to protect our team. And we’re rolling out those best practices at each of our facilities. We’ve always talked about the safety and protection of our employees as our most important responsibility as the leaders of this company, we take that very seriously.

Anything else you’d like to add?

-I want to say thanks to our workers and their families, and thank everyone for doing their part and going the extra mile during these really challenging times. We recognize how stressful it is in the world today. Be safe, and thanks to each  you.