G7 Certification

We obtained the GRACoL G7 Certification, making us a G7 Master Printer. This means that we deliver maximum color quality to meet our customers specific needs.

G7 is an internationally recognized color system designed to calibrate proofing and printing press systems, raising the standard of color. It is a highly prestigious certification, guaranteeing consistency of color across multiple print sources.

G7 is a color guarantee that is certified through an audit by a G7 Expert from a 3rd party company. This certification is achieved through rigorous testing with proven accuracy. It shows that a company that holds this certification will exceed the quality of print of a typical print shop.

This level of printing is not easy to achieve in the flexographic print industry, especially when operating wide web presses larger than 30 . PPC has been certified using a 52 wide web press enabling us to take on larger and wider print runs and still keep the color consistent throughout.

PPC Green

We launched PPC Green, our new sustainability portfolio which features new eco-friendly products including new recyclable and compostable pouches. Earth Pack™, the recyclable pouch, can be fully recycled with the How2Recycle Label initiative, a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates
recycling instructions to the public (To find out more visit www.How2Recycle.info ). Bio-Pouch™ is a plant
based, annually renewable, compostable pouch that will biodegrade in industrial composting facilities per
conditions set by ASTM D6400.

FTA Silver Award

In March 2020 we won the Silver Award in Printing at the 2020 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition for our piece “The Ultimate Fish Stick™. This bag was previously printed with rotogravure technology but using our 300 line screen flexographic printers, we were able to achieve a crisp, clean, beautiful product with sharper images, cleaner details, and better color.

The FPA’s long running annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards showcases the industry’s innovation and the advances that have changed packaging. This competition is among the most respected in the industry thanks to the outstanding caliber of packaging entries, the objective and methodical judging
process, and the extensive media coverage of the competition winners.

FTA Bronze Award

In April 2020 PPC won the FTA’s bronze award for Mid-Web at the 2020 Excellence in Flexography Awards for our entry “Sweet Earth Harmless Ham & Chickpea Patty/Benevolent Bacon Egg & Cheddar Wrappers” which featured strong color, fine detail and sharp resolution.

This was achieved by using INX ink, Miraclon’s KODAK FLEXCEL NX Ultra plates (recipient of FTA’s 2020 Technical Innovation Award), 300 lpi artwork and excellent press craftsmanship. Two complex designs with neutral process builds were produced side-by-side on the same web with just CMYK and white.

The Excellence in Flexography Awards is the premier awards program for the flexographic industry. It is the longest running and most prestigious annual print competition. Its mission is to honor outstanding companies who have made exceptional quality and precise consistency their mission in the pursuit of
printing excellence. Each of the more than 500 entries received every year is individually evaluated by a panel of judges on its degree of difficulty and level of execution. Award-winning prints offer proof of significant achievements in quality.

on Top 25 Converters List

In August 2020 we were honored to be recognized by the FPA as #17 on their top 25 list of converters for 2020.

The Top 25 Converters annual rankings have consistently proven to be Flexible Packaging Magazine* (the EPA’s official publication) most popular feature, as industry observers are eager to see which companies are making moves that solidify or grow their positions in this competitive arena.

This is our second time on The Top 25 Converters list, moving up from the #19 spot from last year.

We truly thank all of those whose hard work has led us to these successes.