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Peace of Mind – that’s what the uncompromising standards of quality of Fisher Container products has brought to our customers for the past 40 years. When you order from Fisher Container, you can rest assured that we will get your order right, on time, and produced from the finest, selected, certified materials available in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. Your order is custom made from beginning to end starting with the raw material, right down to the specified packing configuration. Precision Clean orders are made in our ISO Class 4 and Class 7 Cleanrooms and tested to meet NASA; IEST-CC1246D; KSC-C-123J; JSC 5322.1 and / or customer supplied specifications.


All cleanroom packaging films are specified, certified and tested for leachable and extractable
ion contamination and out gassing components to assure consistently pure resins.


Fisher Container specializes in producing packaging products in plain unprinted, or up to 8 color printed bags, pouches or rollstock specifically for medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, semiconductor, cleanroom and industrial (retail) markets.


Our Stock Program is designed to meet the urgent demands of customers requiring immediate shipment of the most commonly used standard sizes with the same quality and attention to detail as custom orders.


ISO – Fisher Container’s Precision Clean Division was the first manufacturer of cleanroom packaging material in the United States to be awarded ISO 9002:1994 certification and among the first 17% of all corporations nationwide to be awarded the 9001:2000 ISO up grade. The ISO 9001:2008 registration is another indication of Fisher Container’s continuing commitment to excellence in product, service and industry leadership, with a focus on continuous improvement in everything we do. Fisher Container operates on a TQM system with every employee responsible and accountable for assuring the quality and accuracy of orders at each stage of the process.


Capabilities, along with our ISO Class 4 and Class 7 certified Cleanrooms, include our Class 4 Particle Count lab, where each job produced is quality tested per IEST-CC1246D; KSC and JSC specifications. NVR is another specialized quality test offered. Quality data and retain samples are collected during each run from the beginning, middle and end of every roll with full traceability back to the raw material roll number. The data is analyzed for consistency and trend analysis on every Fisher product. Certificates of Conformance are provided on every Cleanroom order.


Customers whom understand the requirements and rigorous detail found in the latest ISO program know that Fisher Container Corp. is the source that has provided Peace of Mind in all of their packaging needs over the past 40 years and continues to be the premier supplier to the industry now and into the future.


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