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Manufacturer and supplier of films and packaging for over wrap, shrink, sleeves, shrink bands, pouches, bundling film, Redi-Rak® Grommet Bags, freezer, tamper-evident, mailer, moisture and oxygen barrier and chemical resistance.

PPC Flexible Packaging has an incredibly diverse manufacturing and converting capability. The following film types are used throughout our process for almost every flexible plastic application imaginable. This list is a ready reference for films that are printed and converted into rollstock, printed rollstock, bags, pouches, and specialty packaging. Other film types are available on request.

  • Polypropylene
  • Coated polypropylene
  • Low density polyethylene
  • Medium density polyethylene
  • High density polyethylene
  • Polypropylene copolymer
  • Co-extrusions – polyethylene
  • Co-extrusions – nylon/polyethylene
  • Polyester/polyethylene laminations
  • Polyester/foil/polyethylene laminations
  • Polyethylene/polyethylene laminations
  • Nylon/polyethylene laminations
  • Aclar/polyethylene laminations
  • EVOH
  • Cellophane
  • Polypropylene/polypropylene laminations
  • Cast polypropylene
  • Biaxially oriented polypropylene
  • Linear tear polyethylene
  • Fire retardant polyethylene
  • Antistatic polyethylene
  • Pink antistatic polyethylene
  • Fractional melt polyethylene
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate modified polyethylene
  • Water soluble films
  • PVC
  • Polyolefin
  • Oriented polypropylene
  • Chemical resistant laminations
PPC Flexible Products

Barrier Pouches

Barrier Pouches PPC Flexible Packaging manufactures pouches in our state of the art ISO class 4 cleanroom. We can supply ...
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Child Resistant Packaging

Child Resistant Packaging ASTM CERTIFIED, CHILD RESISTANT PACKAGING PPC Flexible Packaging manufactures pouches in our state of the art ISO ...
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Industrial Bags

Industrial Products At PPC Flexible Packaging, we have the flexibility to produce a wide variety of unprinted custom industrial bags ...
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Printed Rollstock

Printed Rollstock With high definition printing in up to 10 colors, we can provide printed rollstock directly to our customers ...
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Shrink Packaging

Shrink Packaging PPC Flexible Packaging can supply you with a wide variety of shrink films for case bundling, bottling, canning, ...
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Specialty Bags

Specialty Bag PPC Flexible Packaging manufactures an incredible variety of specialty flexible plastic packaging. Our wide range includes, but is ...
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All of PPC Flexible Packaging’s Precision Clean® Division cleanroom products are produced in our state-of-the-art ISO Class 4 and ISO Class 7 CleanRoom. Our cleanroom packaging company is supported by a comprehensive ISO certified quality system, a continuous environmental monitoring Climet system, and a fully equipped laboratory. Each order is manufactured from its own exclusive raw material lot to ensure the highest standards of traceability and quality. Our raw materials are certified to specific surface cleanliness levels, leachables and extractables, and offgassing levels. Our warehouse has clearly designated raw material, finished goods, and quarantine areas, and a state of the art bar coding system that ensures complete traceability. Our facility has been inspected by the EPA and is current to all required environmental standards.

Precision Clean Products

Precision Clean 2000™

PRECISION CLEAN 2000™ Clearer, cleaner, and stronger than PC II, this NASA-certified film is the newest and most innovative addition ...

Precision Clean Automatic Cleanroom Bags®

Precision Clean Automatic CleanRoom Bags® Our full line of cleanroom and industrial pre-opened bags on a roll that are ideal ...

Precision Clean Barrier Pouches®

Precision Clean Barrier Pouches® Precision Clean Barrier Pouches® have exceptional barrier properties ideal for sustaining long shelf life and applications ...

Precision Clean Breather Bags®

Precision Clean Breather Bags® Precision Clean Breather Bags® are designed for sterilization of products used in cleanroom environments. Precision Clean ...

Precision Clean Centerfold®

Precision Clean Centerfold® Our NASA certified 60″ Precision Clean Centerfold® (PCC®) film is used throughout the world in all major ...

Precision Clean HD®

Precision Clean HD® Our NASA-certified Precision Clean HD® bags are our cleanest, most durable bags. Their high-strength base resins form ...

Precision Clean I®

Precision Clean I® Precision Clean I® bags are manufactured in our ISO Class 4 Cleanroom, available printed and unprinted, and ...

Precision Clean II®

Precision Clean II® Our NASA-certified Precision Clean II® bags are manufactured from ultra-pure and pristine resins with excellent clarity in ...

Precision Clean Nylon®

Precision Clean Nylon® With durable puncture resistance, a first-class oxygen barrier, and excellent clarity, our Precision Clean Nylon® cleanroom bags ...

Precision Clean-Tear®

Precision Clean-Tear® Precision Clean-Tear® bags are specially designed to smoothly tear open, allowing quick, easy, and sanitary access to packaged ...

Precision Stat®

Precision Stat® Precision Stat® bags are made of our amine-free antistatic film, which makes them ideal for applications in electronics, ...

Precision ZipClean Pouches®

Precision ZipClean Pouches® After over 25 years of being asked to come up with a certified clean zip closure cleanroom ...

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