Precision Clean Packaging

Our NASA-certified Precision Clean II® bags are manufactured from ultra-pure and pristine resins with excellent clarity in our ISO Class 4 cleanroom. They are ideal for packaging semiconductor wafer boxes, medical devices, cleanroom gowns, gloves, wipes, or any other product requiring a similar level of surface particulate cleanliness.

PCII is also our most popular film, preferred by 80% of our clean environment customers. To ensure the highest standards of traceability and quality, each order is manufactured from its own exclusive base of raw material, which are tested regularly for leachables, extractables, and off-gassing characteristics. Each manufacturing job is tested for particle content and certified with a letter of conformance.

PCII is available printed and unprinted, and is suitable for Gamma sterilization. PCII film is available in a number of variations, including white opaque, colored tints, printed, antistatic, with an ultraviolet inhibitor, IPA resistant ink, and fire retardant.

These bags are available in gauges from .0015″ to .01″ and in custom sizes ranging from 2″ x 3″ to 48″ x 52″ (flat bags). Bottom and side gusseted bags are also available, as well as rollstock in continuous tube and centerfold format.

PropertiesASTM TestTypical Values
Dart Impact from 26" (66 cm)D1709120
Tensile Strength (break), psi, MDD8825000
Tensile Strength (break), psi, TDD8824700
Elongation, %, MDD882650
Elongation, %, TDD882650
Secant Modulus, %, MDD88261,600
Secant Modulus, %, TDD88266,500
Gloss, 45°D245766
MVTR (g/100 sq in/24 hr)E96/66.62
OTR (cc/100 sq in/24 hr)E9653T280

Precision Clean® Products In-Stock Program: ISO 9001 Certified

You know us for our quality with our Precision Clean® custom cleanroom packaging. If you need cleanroom bags right away or need a small quantity for a start-up project, call us. We continue to offer our full line of Precision Clean® packaging materials in a wide range of sizes, custom-made to fit your requirements.

Important Information:

A. Rapid new delivery times
B. Hundreds of additional sizes between 4” x 4” and 48” x 52” available for small runs
C. All bags, Tubing and Film are double-bagged,
bulk-packed with Certificates of Conformance.
D. All cleanroom tubing provided on plastic cores
E. All Bags, Tubing and Film are Clear Amine-Free
F. Sample Kits Available
G. In-Stock 8”, 12”, 16”, 20” and 24” Impulse Heat Sealers


PCII® Ultra Clear Cleanroom Bags

Part #SizeGuageQuantityWeight
100394 x 60.00220008
100405 x 80.002200013
104236 x 80.002200015
100428 x 100.002200023
100438 x 120.002150021
1004610 x 120.002100017
1042412 x 120.002150031
10049A12 x 150.002150038
1005012 x 180.002100030
10060A18 x 240.00250029
110274 x 60.004200016
110286 x 90.004200032
110298 x 100.004100023
1103010 x 120.004100035
11031A12 x 150.00460031
1017119.5 x 240.00425033
10580A24 x 300.00415030
101854 x 60.0065006
101865 x 80.006100018
101956 x 80.006100022
101878 x 100.00650017
1020610 x 120.00650026
1020712 x 150.00650038
1019112 x 180.00650047
10545AA 18 x 240.00620036
10425AA 24 x 300.00610030
10200AA 24 x 360.00610036


PCII® Ultra Clear Cleanroom Tubing

Part #SizeGuageQuantityWeight
1N4000404’’ x 500’0.00418
1N4000808’’ x 500’ 0.004114
1N40012012’’ x 500’0.004122
1N40018018’’ x 500’ 0.004131
1N40020020’’ x 500’0.004135
1N40024024’’ x 500’0.004143
1N40036036’’ x 500’ 0.004162
1N40048048’’ x 500’ 0.004181
16000404’’ x 500’ 0.006111
16000808’’ x 500’0.006121
160012012’’ x 500’0.006131
160018018’’ x 500’0.006145
160020020’’ x 500’0.006151
160024024” x 500’0.006162
160036036” x 500’ 0.006191
160048048” x 500’ 0.0061120

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