Detailed information is provided in the downloadable resources provided on this page. Whether you need a spec sheet, an industry-specific brochure, or just a general Temkin overview, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Feel free to contact a Temkin sales manager for any additional information.


  • Temkin Flexible Packaging Overview Flyer

  • Controlled Atmosphere Packaging Brochure
  • Silver Brochure: Food & Confectionery
  • Silver Brochure: Party & Gift
  • Silver Brochure: Personal Care
  • Silver Brochure: Pet Supply
  • Silver Brochure: Produce
  • Silver Brochure: Stationery & Craft
  • Silver Brochure: Horticulture
  • Silver Brochure: Temkin

Spec Sheet

  • Basket Bags Spec Sheet
  • Cone Bags Spec Sheet
  • Flat Bags Spec Sheet
  • Form, Fill & Seal Spec Sheet
  • Header Bags Spec Sheet
  • Herb & Plant Sleeves Spec Sheet
  • Lip ‘N’ Tape Spec Sheet
  • Pouches Spec Sheet
  • Side Gusseted Bags Spec Sheet
  • Wicketed Bags Spec Sheet
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