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PPC Flexible Packaging is dedicated to providing consistently excellent quality in both our products and customer service.

See our ISO Certificate of Registration | Packaging Products SQF Cert 2018 1-47JFIGQ_CC | Mission Packaging SQF Cert 2018 | Buffalo Grove SQF Cert 2018

  • All packaging films and structures meet FDA Codes of Federal Regulation 21 CFR 177.125 and others, depending on film and structure.
  • All Cleanroom films are acquired from qualified sources using prequalified, pre-tested resins with yearly ‘no change agreements’ extending to our customer base.
  • All Precision Clean packaging films are periodically tested for metal ion concentration per EPA 9056 / 6010B and outgassing of hydrocarbons per EPA 8260.


  • The Cleanroom air meets ISO Class 4 and Cleanroom Pouch Rooms, ISO Class 7; as defined by Cleanroom ISO Standard 14644-1. (Comparison Chart ISO to obsolete Fed 209E available.)
  • There are 36 zones among the two cleanrooms checked weekly per ISO 14644-2 for airborne particulate performance and each is recertified twice yearly by Lab Safety Corp.
  • Contamination Control is managed per Mil-HDBK-407.
  • There are over 100 HEPA filters maintaining the air quality in Cleanroom I and 37 in the smaller Cleanroom II.
  • Cleanroom Housekeeping is maintained in accordance with IEST RP-CC018.4.

Package Testing

  • All packaging manufactured by PPC Flexible Packaging is tested per established ASTM industry methods as shown on the film product Marketing data sheets.
  • All Precision Clean Cleanroom packaging orders are tested per Liquid Laser Particle count; which, depending on product style are certified to meet various levels of Kennedy Space Center industry specification KSC-C-123J; JPG 532.1 with correlations to IESTSTD-CC-1246D revisions of the mil spec.
  • General physical test capabilities include tensile properties; seal strength; seal creep; burst; leak; COF; autoclave sterilization/validation; IR analysis and others.


  • All 8 Key Processes of the QMS are certified to the latest edition of the ISO 9001:2015 standard with four outside audits per year.
  • Both the Mission and Rome plants are SQF Level 2 certified for Food Safety. The SQF food safety certification program requires demanding standards, rigorous policy requirements, and annual audits—making this a pivotal achievement for PPC Flexible Packaging and a considerable benefit for customers.

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